17 March 2009

Signed My Postings...

I've been working on my 'Blog Makeup' for quite some time. I think it already been months or almost a year *sigh*. Have to admit I'm a bit slow in this, thou I've done my own 'blog make over' when I start blogging in 2005. Lucky nowadays, there's so many tutorials given on the net. But somehow I still need a quiet time & full concentration when reading these tutorials.

And from now on, all my posting will be signed *hurray*.

lotsa love from


  1. tahniah..usaha tangga kejayaan...!!!

  2. tq tq.. aida. terhegeh2 juga sy nak siapkan blog nih.

    nnt bole laa ajar sy how to quilt yea, dah lama minat cuma belum dipupuk betul2 sahaja...

  3. Salam Azie. Thks for dropping by kat my blog. Sy dah post (my hubby dah explain) camne nak tulis sig cam those on my photo. Btw I'm adding u to my blog list. Hope we'll continue to share knoledge dan experience.

  4. nice layout! colorful! i like! :)

  5. Wah...u should put some tutorial on Blog deco dear...actually i pon wat blog deco sndiri tapi lately tak cont sb maleh....