31 March 2009

My Computer is Sick !

Arghhh.... how do feel when one day, you turned on your pc & you see a blank screen ? Frustated right ?? Especially when you know you have lotsa things stored in there. And you have planned a day b4 to migrate your files on that unlucky day. Yeahh.. that's what happened to me last week. I'm so frustated, tensed and a lot more for the entire week. Lucky I'm still able to retrieve my emails & do some bloghopping using my hp, although a bit restricted.

This week, my pc a bit ok though not fully recovered. And it getting slower than b4. Forgot to ask DH whether he did some backup b4 he reformat my pc. I hope he did. Otherwise, I have no photos of my late Princess Mocha anymore. Lesson learnt : DO NOT STORED YOUR FILES IN YOUR C:// DRIVE.

But what worst now, I've lost my 1GB old thumbdrive where I have stored most of my files especially my cross stitch charts. Like pepatah Melayu said : Sudah jatuh ditimpa tangga.. Ouchhh !!!

Thanks to Via, Niena, Kak Zawiah & Tini for dropping by my blog & leaving your comments on my previous post.

lotsa love from me,

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  1. poor u...actually mine too.!can't connect to internet...for nearly two weeks and this morning i just don't know what i hv touched...i got it back...