28 May 2007

Spice Tea Pincushion

A lovely pincushion stitched by Zohrah for our NeedlesNcrafts Pincushion Exchange. Design is from San Man Original tea party, entitled "Spice Tea".

Thanks Zohrah, I really love this pincushion and admire your neat stitching. And at the same time, I feel honour getting this knowing that you spent hours stitching for such a big chart for this exchange.. Thanks and muacchhh....

1 comment:

  1. When the last tassel were stitched on, I simply can't bear to part it. ;-) ....but what to do...as I had started this for you in my mind.

    I'm going to stitched the design again. (someday)...lol. Glad you like it...boleh pulangkan balik kalau tak nak....bwahahaha...beruk siku....lol