18 November 2005

Hand Dyed

Last nite, for the first time I have successfully do my own hand dyed on aida 14 ct. Initially I was in the kitchen, dyeing my son's white shirt to light brown. He need a pair of light brown shirt and pants for his concert next Saturday where he will be acting as Lion King. As I couldnt find the right pair, I decided to dye his white shirt & pant using Dylon.

After satisfied with my hand dyed project, suddenly my mind run wild. I remember reading my stitching friends in Malaysian Stitchers group discussing their experience doing their own hand dyed. Tarraa.. I start looking for my 14 ct aida and soaked them in pot. As M using a little bit of 'Havanah Brown', my white aida has turned to pinkish brown tone. He he.. M satisfied anyway and love the colour !

I also remember my stitching friends has also dyed their fabby using coffee and tea. And I decided to tried them too and wallaa.. now I have a pair of rustic fabby!!! Probably because I used a little of coffee, the fabby did not turn well but the colour still charming. My daughter then giving me a wild suggestion, why don't I try do my next hand dye using Milo. Well.. see whether I dare enough to do that.. hem hemm.. I smell of cocoa now !


  1. pictures please....*wink*

  2. ..maner gambo nya...nak nengok gak..

  3. congratulations on yr dyeing adventure..try kunyit nx mix with some coffee ;-)

    just found yr blog...thru Linda's...

  4. sorry gals, I haven't got the chance to snap the photos yet. Will try over the weekend.

    thanks Niza for the tips, using serbuk kunyit n coffee yea.. will try it out.. :)

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  6. yoohoo? anybody home? it has been a while..

  7. I received a sample of Lilo's handdyyed aida..yumm..yumm..macam kaler pinkish sket...cantikkk