25 October 2010

Needlecraft is My Passions...

As far as I remember, my love in needlecraft started when I was in my Year 1 in primary school. I always look forward for our needlecraft session where I started learning stitch an X on gingham. Soon later our teacher will teach us some other stitches.

Later, I learnt to keep myself busy at JB Public Library the same year and there I found myself a book on crochet. I remember I told my dad to buy me some crochet needles & yarns, and he bought me my 1st yarn - a dark blue colour. This is where my love in crochet started.

After more than 20 yrs I started seriously cross stitching. I'm glad I found many local cross stitchers who share the same passion as mine. I also introduce myself to tatting, thanks to my sifu Faizon. And I do take up some short courses on curtain makings. At least I can sew my own curtains whenever i like.

And now I'm into beads & sequins embroideries on baju kurung/kebaya or blouses for almost 2 yrs. I started my small business in beads & sequins embroideries services this year, and Alhamdulillah the business goes well. I will share some of my beadworks done for my customers in another posting.

What I want to point here.. Needlecraft is my passions, and if my passions can generate some income, it's a blessed.

note : I'm really pissed off with someone who look down on my passions and my small business. Juz remember : 'life is like a wheel...'

lotsa love from me,


  1. nice work ...canteakkkkka belaka semuanya....
    don't care what ppl think...do what u do best ..keep it up gal !!!

  2. tq aida.. yeapp, let ppl said what they want. i'll do my best with my needlecraft..

  3. Nice work, cantik belaka. I admire the patience and skill put into bead work. I've yet to try,....