29 July 2009

Tote Boutique Giveaway - Permata Hati

I've been following Cik As shopping blog - Tote Boutique for quite some time and been admiring her work. She's lucky for having a collection of nice & sweet fabrics which later turn as tote bag, e.g. this one - Permata Hati. Isn't the tote bag so sweet ??? With rose-print fabby and checkered red to suit the theme. And the ribbon as a final touch has made this tote bag looks outstanding. Keep up your gud work Cik As.

Well, Cik As has been so generous as before. She's willing to be apart from her Permata Hati & the siblings (yeahh.. she got 3 tote bags to giveaway in total !!). So cross your finger if your name will announce on Tuesday as the 3 lucky persons (ermm.. hope it include me, really hope !)

So, lets participate... the rules are pretty easy peasy :

  1. Leave your comment about this Permata Hati Tote bag in her blog
  2. Write an entry in your blog about Tote Boutique Giveaway
  3. And lastly, dont forget to let Cik As know that you are one of the potential winner !!

lotsa love from me,

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