31 December 2008

Happy New Year & My Carrot Cake

In another few minutes, we gonna say good bye 2008 and welcoming 2009. I hope in 2009, I will be spending more time stitching, tatting, baking cakes & few hours a week on gardening. Not to forget, I hope I will turn as a Quilter in 2009.

So as a starter, I made this carrot cake today. This is my 2nd attempt baking this cake after I FAILED yesterday. I follow Anna Olson's Pineapple Carrot Cake Recipe from Sugar but somehow my cake turned soggy. Ha ha.... I have to admit, I dunno how to bake a cake !

For today's carrot cake, I follow Hanieliza's recipe.. Well, this time round my carrot cake baked well except it a little bit hard as my itchy hand add more flour to the recipe ! Lesson to learn, just follow the recipe accordingly and bake often, so that I will get the perfect baking skill.

I also never tried to do my own icing b4. The actual recipes (both Anna's & Hanieliza's) says to use cheese creame as part of the ingredients for the frosting. But I don't have any stock of this cheese creame therefore I opt to do a normal icing using some butter, icing sugar & milk.

Again, I have to admit that my cake decorating also poor, hik hik... Well, I should go for cake decorating classes I guess... ;-)

Thank you Elisabeth & Sheila for giving advice to overcome my blog problem. I did think of creating new blog at Wordpress but may be I still stick to Blogspot. I also tried tips like what Shiela suggested, but to no success. May be I need more time to keep trying.


  1. Sheila Wahid1/01/2009 11:48 AM

    Aisey... sorry to hear that it's still not working. Hope I can help. Your other blog very nice, I like it very much...

  2. azie, kek tu dah cantik dah...cantik sangat nanti sayang nak makan, tak ker susah nanti hehehehhe...