07 May 2008


I have been wanted to do it for more than a year, finally I did it yesterday. I juz tendered my resignation letter after being here for past 12 years !!! In a month time, unless I got any offer letter I will be unemployed.

After giving much thought, I think this is the best decision I ever made in order to satisfy everybody. I juz want a piece of mind, less stressed n giving my full attention to the family as well to my hobbies.

I can't wait spending my time at home, stitching, tatting, gardening other than look after the kids and house chores. You guys know how I desperately miss my hobbies for past 6 months. And dunno whether for next 6 months I will be joining the Desperate Housewives Club.. ahaks..

Alhamdulillah, thanks God I got 3-4 interviews to attend this week. Wish me luck !!

Thanks Jane, for visiting my blog. It much than pleasure to have your encouragement posted in my blog. I will keep on trying my rusty tatting skills..

Thanks to mamafahmy & dania, I still struggling between time to brush my tatting skills..


  1. I'm glad that you finally made the leap. I am in the same rut as you but hoping to join the academic line which I *hope* will love. Unfortunately, I may not be able to afford the paycut.

  2. My best career move was when I retired!!! Hope your very early 'retirement' works well for you. Good stuff - tell those bosses where to put their jobs, I say!!!

  3. Best of luck to you Azie!!
    Sometimes its a blessing in disguise. Hoped you'll blog more too :D

  4. Azie! Good luck in whatever that you intend to do! We miss you at NNC!


  5. Hi Azie...
    good luck in whatever u choose to do!