17 October 2005

RR.. ?? Again...???

All these while I've told myself that I will never join any RR after my first RR. My first RR was "Frickle Minded RR (FMRR)" where only 3 of us from Malaysian Stitchers (Nik, Cheez & myself) participated. I love stitching for their FMRR but, I feel guilty when I always unable to complete my stitching as schedule. All of us suppose to complete our FMRR before our birthdays which fall in June. Nik & Cheez managed to do it right on time, but myselff... urghhh.. I still didn’t finished on my RR... :(

Recently my another stitching group, Needlecrafter organizing another RR namely "Single Pattern RR (SPRR)". I was comtemplating to join at first, but later I decided to take the challenge. This RR only requires each participants to stitch the same pattern on the owner RR, in different colours/tones. This time round 8 members has agreed to join the SPRR, which means I am committed with this RR up till Feb 2006…

This is my square on my SPRR. The original pattern was taken from Papilion Creations, namely Love Letter but I did some modifications to the patterns in order to suit our SPRR requirements. It was stitched on 14 ct aida white, using Icing on the Cake from Six Sweet Strands.

I also has received Hani SPRR and surprisingly I managed to complete my square on her SPRR way before the next mail out date, i.e. 21 Oct 05


  1. I like the layout and colours ...but I can't see what you've type as fonts is not outstanding enough.

  2. Hi.. Zohrah
    Thanks for visiting my blog. I read your blog every now & then, and like the layout too !! Keep on asking Cheez, how to do a blog like yours :)

    Thanks too for the comments. Yupp.. I need to do some changes esp on fonts, will do it later..

  3. Hello Azie,

    Oh you've changed the layout entirely....just meant the font only. I'm not using blogspot but wordpress. And the site is not mine but Angelsan. She help me to tweak around. :)

  4. Hi Azie,

    All the square is lovely. I can't wait my turn to stitch your RR.

  5. Thanks Lene, yours are lovely too..

    No wonder I can't go to your blog, I save your another link. Shall update my list of stitchers blogs then..