23 May 2007

My Very First Pendibule

I've seen Zalita stitched a pendibule for her partner for the last Needlecrafter Scissors Fob, such a cute one. So when I newly joined another Malaysian based cross stitcher's yahoo group - XstitchesNXchanges, they're in the midst of organising a Pendibule Exchange and I've signed up.

So for those who has visiting my blog b4, this is what the pink and purple thingy that M in love end up. This is my first ever pendibule for my partner, Dania stitched on 28ct lilac linen which I bought from Linda of Stitch N Such. The patern wuz actually a border taken from the Joan Elliot book. My personal advice for stitching a pendibule, is try to look up for pattern meant for border as it much easy to work on.


  1. Morning Sis Azie,
    Thank you. Ilove the pendibule. choo cute. love the stash too. hehehe. Thank you


  2. Hello, I just discovered your blog--it's wonderful! while doing a pincushion search and I'm seeing the pendibules for the first time. Can you please explain what they are. Are they a type of pincushion or something else? I find them very intriguing and very pretty. Thank you!

    Cathy :)